Christmas Letter 2012

Many Christmases ago my mom decided we should have a manufactured (fake) Christmas tree. It was about the time the so-called “Experts” agreed that the world was on the verge of another Ice Age. Mom, being an early environmentalist, believed it would be better for the planet if trees remained in the forests.

Her decision came as a shock to us kids and Dad wasn’t exactly thrilled after shelling out for an imitation (fake) tree. In fact, he usually waited to buy our tree until late Christmas Eve when he could get a much better deal. This action inevitably resulted in numerous “Charlie Brown” trees. You know the type — Last on the Lot – 50% Off Tonight.

Now, how can I describe that tree? It came in a box with color-coded brances and was supposedly, “easily assembled in minutes.” Of course it wasn’t! Somewhere along the way, the codes on the tree trunk fell off and we ended up with a very misshapen tree with inches of bare tree trunk shining through and hundreds of fallen “pine needles” in the living room.

Mom held her annual tree decorating party that year for us kids and our three cousins. We decorated the tree while she stayed in the kitchen and prepared our Christmas Tree Luncheon. When it was over, she was called in to view our decorating skills. Disaster though it was, we all “Ooh’d,” and “Aah’d,” over our accomplishment.

No matter how we celebrate Christmas or how we decorate (with a bit of greenery, or a holly wreath on the door or a manufactured (fake) tree, IT’S CHRISTMAS!

I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and blessing in the New Year!