Christmas Letter 2013

Dear friends,

A few years ago Barb and I were having dinner at a restaurant in Moro Bay.

Seated next to us were two couples, one older couple and one younger couple.

Now I don’t normally ease drop on stranger conversations but the older gentleman was a bit loud and animated.

He said quite a few years ago, he and his wife were driving to the Sierra’s to take the kids for a Christmas ski trip. As he drove he thought about his family. And how much fun everyone would have enjoying the Christmas Holiday in the snow.

As he continued driving they pulled up next to a tour bus of seniors bound for Reno. He looked up and saw an older gentleman, he smiled and I waved back.

The years passed, the kids grew up and I retired. And your mother and I found us on a tour bus for Reno. As I looked out the window, a young family drove up next to our bus. I smiled and he waved back.

Sometime life feels like it goes in a blink of an eye, or a Christmas trip to the Sierras.

So love and cherish each other every day.

Merry Christmas!