Diligent, Ethical & Service Oriented

I would like to say that in my twenty years of property management I have not found a more diligent, ethical and customer service oriented broker than Mr. Terry.

– Gregory F.

Gregory F.

Your strong support of our office and associations [distinguishes you from other brokers].  Your staff is always willing to answer questions from association members and Bill is always available to attend Board meeting when they need policy explanations.  Competitive prices and good service.

– BT, Property Manager

BT, Property Manager

Best practices – Easiest to work with – 10 out of 10.

[Their] knowledge of the [HOA] industry and getting extra discounts that other brokers do not ask for; helping with claims; getting the client the most coverage.  The FW claim is [a] great example.  [They] got extra money that the insurance company didn’t want to pay.  They are the best, just call them and you won’t be disappointed.  So far [they] have exceeded my expectations at every turn. Thank you!

-GMF, Property Manager

GMF, Property Manager

Bill Terry agency has the experience, knowhow and track record to make them a great resource for the board, owners and management.  They are able to deliver all that, at very competitive prices.

– LM. Property Manager

LM. Property Manager

You answer questions promptly and are willing to come to meeting and talk to people.  You set yourself apart by being so customer service responsible.

– M.K. Property Manager

M.K. Property Manager

Thank you!!!

The board appreciates your quick response and excellent service!

Me too!

– KS. Property Manager

KS. Property Manager

We are glad to have great agents that are easily reached and available to assist us and our client’s insurance needs.  We appreciate all that you do for your accounts as your agency has the best customer service of any insurance agency that I have worked with to date.  You make our jobs easier with the quick responsiveness and dedication to shopping the best possible rates.

Thank you again for the great service that your team provides.

– JB. Property Manager

JB. Property Manager

Thank you Barbara–you are always on top of everything and we appreciate your great service! The car is great!

– DW, Personal Lines Client

DW, Personal Lines Client

Thank you for your kind help and support.  I’m not used to this sort of back-up from Insurance companies.  Now I know why Joe gave me your name … and I will be sure to let him know about your impressive “go the extra-mile” service.

– Dave, Personal Lines Client

Dave, Personal Lines Client

WOW, FAST response.  Thank you so much for the great customer service you provide us.  You are awesome!

– Valerie


Wow, is all I can say

Bill Terry Insurance Agency is really a specialty firm when it comes to HOA insurance. They came out to the property, met with me, and got me a new policy with better coverage. Best part is that they listened to me first, then took care of the rest.

– Cindy P., Santa Barbara

Cindy P., Santa Barbara

The personalized service blew me away!

The time they took to really learn about my unique  HOA complex made all the difference. Thanks Bill Terry Insurance!

– Zachary L., Lompoc

Zachary L., Lompoc

Impressive Service

Thank you for your kind help and support.  I’m not used to this sort of back-up from insurance companies.  Now I know why Joe gave me your name…and I will be sure to let him know about your impressive “Go the Extra-Mile” service.

– Dave, Lompoc

Dave, Lompoc

Very Efficient

Thank you so much… you are very efficient.

– Gaye, Paragon Mortgage

Gaye, Paragon Mortgage

  • Hands on, personal commitment
  • Firm knowledge of product line and very helpful
  • Personal attention to our business and personal insurance
  • All needed services offered

– SD, Personal & Business Client

SD, Personal & Business Client