Christmas Letter 2006

Dear Friends,

Twenty-one years ago, I sent out my first Christmas letter.  Upon reading it, I’ve decided to send it out again.  I’m recycling this old letter because twenty-one years later, the message is still true.

A client of mine once told me he had no friends.  As we talked, he explained that he really had not time for socializing since his work was demanding and he was just plain tired when he went home.  He never partied, what ever that means, and his nights out were limited to an occasional movie with his wife.  The holiday season was celebrated with small family get-togethers.

Still, he met, telephoned and talked to dozens of people in his daily business routine and over the years he had developed close relationships with most of them.  THEY were his friends!

I learned something from my client’s story, and I hope you will too.  You don’t have to take the bank teller out dancing or your mechanic to lunch just to wish them a Merry Christmas!

That’s the message to you again this year – sharing the joy of the Christmas Season with the people I know.

From my Family to yours… MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Merry Christmas in snowy effect on a background of snowflakes