Ocean Diamonds

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We’ve all heard about diamonds from the earth and diamonds made in a lab. These precious stones also come from a place you’d least expect: the ocean!  The floor of the ocean to be exact.  About 400 feet below sea level off the coast of Africa, are some of the highest quality diamonds being mined today. These diamonds were carried by the Orange River from the middle of the African continent to the Atlantic.  Battered by wind, waves and rocks, … Read More

Hwy 101 Widening Project Crawling Along

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Santa Barbara Hwy 101 Widening Project is Back! The proposal to add 10.9 miles of carpool lanes to Hwy 101 in Santa Barbara is back.  The addition of these lanes has been the subject of heated debates since the late 1990’s.  The lanes are for  carpooling part-time, and would be available during off-peak hours and weekends.  Draft two of the Environmental Impact Report for the widening between Salinas and Bailard  is available on the Caltrans Website . The public has until January 31, 2017 to comment on the 151 report with … Read More

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