1. Question: Who would need Premier Personal Insurance?

    A typical affluent client would be a successful entrepreneur, a business owner, a professional such as a doctor or lawyer, or a corporate executive. Other clients would include anyone who owns expensive homes, property, vehicles, or collectibles.
  2. Question: Do I need to carry additional insurance if I have a nanny?
    Answer: A nanny or any regular household help should be covered for Workers’ Compensation insurance through your Homeowner’s Policy.
  3. Question: Is there a limit to the coverage of my Valuables?
    Answer: Under a Home Owner insurance policy, there is limited coverage for valuable items. You may want to consider a Collections Policy to cover your jewelry, art, wine, collectibles, etc.
  4. Question: How can I make sure my home and possessions are accurately insured?
    Answer: Premier Personal Insurance policies are designed to fit the specific needs of your household. Our companies inspect each home to determine proper insurance values. To get this custom-fit, contact one of our agents today.
  5. Question: Will I be able to replace my luxury vehicle if it is stolen?
    Answer: Our companies specialize in luxury automobiles and understand their unique values.